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Why Bother with Penetration Testing?

Find Holes Now Before Somebody Else Does
At any given time,attackers are employing any number of automated tools and network attacks looking for ways to penetrate systems. Only a handful of those people will have access to 0-day exploits,most will be using well known (and hence preventable) attacks and exploits. Penetration testing provides IT management with a view of their network from a malicious point of view. The goal is that the penetration tester will find ways into the network so that they can be fixed before someone with less than honorable intentions discovers the same holes.

Report Problems to Management
If a CSO (or security team) has already pointed out to upper management the lack of security in the environment,penetration testing results help to justify the resources to address those needs.
Often an internal network team will be aware of weaknesses in the security of their systems but will have trouble getting management to support the changes that would be necessary to secure the system. By having an outside group with a reputation for security expertise analyze a system,management will often respect that opinion more. Furthermore,an outside tester has no vested interest in their results. Inside a corporation of any size,there will be political struggles and resource constraints.

Verify Secure Configurations
If the CSO (or security team) are confident in their actions and final results, the penetration test report verifies that they are doing a good job. Having an outside entity verify the security of the system provides a view that is devoid of internal preferences. An outside entity can also measure the team’s efficiency as security operators. The penetration test doesn’t make the network more secure, but it does identify gaps between knowledge and implementation.

Security Training For Network Staff
Penetration testing gives security people a chance to recognize and respond to a network attack. For example, if the penetration tester successfully compromises a system without anyone knowing, this could be indicative of a failure to adequately train staff on proper security monitoring. Testing the monitoring and incident handling teams can show if they are able to figure out what is going on and how effective their response is. When the security staff doesn’t identify hostile activity,the post-testing reporting can be used to help them hone their incident response skills.

Discover Gaps In Compliance
Using penetration testing as a means to identify gaps in compliance is a bit closer to auditing than true security engineering,but experienced penetration testers often breach a perimeter because someone did not get all the machines patched,or possibly because a non-compliant machine was put up “temporarily” and ended up becoming a critical resource. In today’s heavily regulated environment,many organizations are looking for better ways to continually assess their compliance posture. Most regulations have multiple components specifically related to system auditing and security.

Testing New Technology
The ideal time to test new technology is before it goes into production. Performing a penetration test on new technologies,applications and environments before they go into production can often save time and money because it is easier to test and modify new technology while nobody is relying on it.Some examples might include a new externally facing web server with SOAP enabled,a new wireless infrastructure,or the introduction of mobile messaging gateways

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At Wright Computer Solutions, we analyze the security of your physical and digital environment, and provide solutions that will protect your business from outside attacks. Our personalized security assessment find the vulnerabilities that exist in your environment and removes malicious software from office computers and mobile devices. And our penetration testing program will attack your machines the same way a hacker will, showing you what steps need to be taken to pretect your companies employees and data. Each security assessment is designed individually, and is a comprehensive, non-technical report that shows you exactly where your vulnerabilities lies and recommended strategies to fix the issues.


Starts where physical security leaves off.  We check all digital nodes in your network and determine where you need to make changes and the most efficient way to implement them.

SOPHOS Complete Security Solutions 

The first line of defense for your business. Our customized complete physical security report tells you what your are doing right, and what needs to be repaired.

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What separates a penetration tester from a hacker?  Permission.

Penetration testing, also known as pentesting, is a software attack on a computer system which looks for security vulnerabilities that could give an outside party access to your network and resources. A penetration test can determine how a system reacts to an attack, whether or not a system's defenses can be breached, and what information can be acquired from the system. For example, if the focus is on computer resources, then examples of a successful penetration would be obtaining or subverting confidential documents, pricelists, databases and other proprietary information. If the focus is on employee resources, the examples of a successful penetration would be obtaining personal information of employees and customers.

Wright Computer Solution security personnel will work with you to establish a target window for the penetration test. Then, using a variety of tools and techniques, we will attempt to breach your network and systems remotely (i.e., across the Internet) using any vulnerabilities we can discover. At the end of the penetration test, the team will deliver a report providing detailed information about the level of access they were able to gain, the methods they used to do so, and recommendations for improvement.

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Penetration Testing

Think like a hacker!  We use the same methodology the malicious coders use to show you where your vulnerabilities lie and the steps to protect yourself in the event of an emergency.

If you have been hit with a virus, we can fix it.  And them we show you how to prevent future attacks. Company training sessions are available.  

For more than eleven years, Wright Computer Solutions has worked with companies to secure their digital and physical workspace.  We are partnered with Sophos, an industry leader in malware protection, providing web, email, cloud and endpoint security across all platforms.  With experience in biometric security and access control, we can protect your company and employees.  And our specialized penetration testing  techniques show you the vulnerabiliries in your network before the hackers can.